Angelica Komis

Angelica Komis is basically working on handmade, serial pieces of contemporary jewelry, decorative and handy objects.
The influence of her design is coming from industrial structures. The work's basic point is accuracy, precision and neat lines. Innovative ways of holding, moving and changing parts consist the basic challenge for the designer. Main part of its character is the alternative image.

Experiencing with different materials helps to expand their knowledge and as a result modifying their standard use.
Colorful rotations of metals, acrylics, stones, fabrics surprise pleasantly with their pioneer design. Alternative changeable parts and colors allow the owner to vary the perception of their view.

"Take turns" is her last series of acrylic jewelry basically made out of Plexiglas. Combining plastic with precious materials is giving them a tone of luxurious artifacts. The jewelry "severe" but playful are characterized by its contemporary design, clear geometry and perfect finish.